“I am writing to recommend Andy Watson as an excellent speaker regarding the FAA Air Traffic Control System. As an ATC controller with experience in numerous facilities, he brings an insight into aircraft operations and safety that pilots and aviation enthusiast will find both informative and captivating. His presentation at the Virginia Wing CAP’s annual flight clinic was an outstanding success, and easily the best attended seminar that day (over 50 pilots and CAP aircrew attended). The only regret we had regarding Andy’s presentation was not scheduling more time for it! Speaking both for myself and the pilots of Virginia Wing, we heartily recommend Andy Watson to any organization wanting to know more about the FAA’s Air Traffic Control system in the U.S. today.” See Full Letter of Recommendation

 – Joseph Vazquez
Major General, CAP
Richmond, VA


“Andy puts a face to ATC. He puts ATC in an understandable context for those who work in the industry!”

– Sandy Berg
Aircraft Owner & Pilot
Apple Valley, MN


“Andy translates his years of experience as an Air Traffic Control Specialist into a very informative, easy-to-listen to seminar. It is enlightening to hear the perspective and expectations of one of the guys giving you instructions.”

– Troy Pakiz
Airbus A320 Pilot
Rockville, IN


“A great course that is very interesting for both pilots and non-pilots like myself.

– Benjamin Borton
Chantilly, VA


“I would highly advise attending this course. Andy kept the talk very entertaining as well as informative.”

Joseph O’Bryan
Ravenel, SC


“More interesting than you’d think.”
– Carter Crowley
Mount Pleasant, SC


“Very well prepared and professionally conducted course. Topics were well selected to address GA pilots. Highly recommended.”
– Lukas Palica
  Charleston, SC


“As always, a good pilot is always learning. Any tope of training I can get is always beneficial. Loved that I learned more about the [mid-air] accident 3 years ago. It was a great presentation.”

– Cristina Salas
Charleston, SC


“Good, Informative, Fun! Thank you!”
– Kelly Crowley
  Charleston, SC


“If you are a pilot, well worth attending to make you a safer pilot.”
– Robert Dean
  Mt. Pleasant, SC


“Excellent, worthwhile for every pilot.”
– Bayne Selby
  Sullivan’s Island, SC


“Great overview and understanding of communication between ATC and GA pilots.”
– Johanntos Tysse
  Charleston, SC 


“…would be able to learn lots of things about pilots and ATC and about what they do.”
– Christopher Keister-Poston
  Charleston, SC


“Good view of Air Traffic Control’s prospective of General Aviation.”
– Frank Humbles
  Mt. Pleasant, SC 


“Very helpful, very informative.”
– Mason Chrisman
  Mt. Pleasant, SC


“Very informative! Great information for pilots of any level.”
– Steve Hyland
  Charleston, SC


– James Greco
  Mt. Pleasant, SC